Considerations in Selling

If you are visiting our website, you are probably considering selling your oil and gas interest. Some of the things to consider are the risks of keeping vs. selling.

Oil and gas royalties are paid out over time from a producing well or wells. Prices of oil and gas as well as varying volumes of production lead to fluctuation in the amount of a royalty payment. Sometimes the royalties are paid monthly, or only paid every few months or once per year based on the amount. When the price of oil was over $100 per barrel and natural gas was over $10 per mcf, you may have been receiving payments monthly and steadily. Now that prices have dropped, your royalties may be irregular and a lot smaller. If you need money now instead of a varying income stream, you may consider selling all or part of your royalties. Royalty Buyers USA LLC provides lump sums in exchange for future royalty payments.

Some Risks to Consider -
even doing nothing has risks

Risks of Keeping:

  • Low oil and gas prices
  • Operators abandon projects and plug wells
  • Depletion of the oil and gas wells
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Government Regulations

Risks of Selling:

  • Higher oil and gas prices
  • Operators increase production and/or drill more wells
  • New discoveries

One of the things you may consider is taking some of your money "off the table." Royalty Buyers USA is glad to buy all or part of your interests. Maybe selling a portion of what you own will give you peace of mind and the cash you need.